Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's Talk Lab

Whether you are a Physcian Office, Surgery Center or another speciality, lab is apart of your everyday tasks! Lab can be a scary word, but it shouldn't be! You may think, oh, I have to buy expensive equipment, hire a lab tech and pay tons of money to get a license to do so---BUT that is not all true!

Did you know that being CLIA Waived you can do almost all the tests you normally send out! That is right! Many of the instruments/analyzers out there offer not only CLIA Waived tests but also are EMR compatable.

Did I mention there is a Money Revenue piece to Lab...

If you are interested in what kind of lab you can do, let's get together and look at what you send out and see if it is WORTH your time to bring Lab In-House!

Just a side note, I highly dislike having to go get my blood drawn at a Reference lab, when my Doctor should be doing it in-house! It is just silly to me and it makes me really evaluate why I use his/her services! Do you think your patients feel this way?