Monday, August 10, 2009

Are you Doing or Sending Out Wet Preps...

The World Health Organization recognizes Trichomoniasis as the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world and accounts for more than 50% of all new cases of curable infections among adults worldwide.

So what are you doing to help those who may have Trich or BV (pH & Amines test)? You are probably doing wet preps or sending them out to a reference lab. What if you could do a test right in the office and have an answer and treatment ready before your patient leaves the office!

Too many physcians either do not know that these tests are avialable or forget about them! Now you do not have any excuses because of this article!

Genzyme offers both tests and they are CLIA Waived! Below you will see Cardinal's material numbers along with the CPT codes.

B1049-183 BV BLUE 25 tests/kit CPT 87905QW $5.13-$17.84

B1049-181 Trich 25 tests/kit CPT 87808QW $12.77-$17.52

Until the end of September you can take advantage of this Promotion with Osom and Me!

Buy a box of each, BVBlue and Trich, and get a 3rd box free of your choice

(BV or Trich).

If you would like more information about either test, please contact me or visit Genzyme's website at