Friday, August 14, 2009

Albumin--Don't Forget About It

It is not that doctors/nurses are not educated on testing for Albumin, but it is just they forget about it. I am not trying to make you feel bad, I just want to make sure I do my job and keep you informed on what we have out there to help you do your job that much better. You have a lot on your plate and if I can save you time and put money back in your pocket--I think that is a pretty good partnership!

So When Should You Use Albumin Testing?
If you think your patient has symptoms of a liver disorder or kidney disease, if they have a recent, rapid weight change, or prior to a planned surgery.

So What Do I have to Help You?
Hemocue has a CLIA Waived Point-of-Care test that is lab-accurate and you get quantitative results in about 90 minutes (urine test). Check out the following Promotions to make this a No-Brainer!

1 Box Promo: 1 Analyzer, 50 tests, 1 Bx liquid controls $ 927
2 Box Promo: 1 Analyzer, 100 tests, 1 Bx liquid controls $1,129
3 Box Promo: 1 Analyzer, 150 tests, 1 BX liquid controls $1, 219

CPT Code 83520QW $18.91

You May Need this if you are one of these Specialities:
Diabetes Care Specialists ----- General Practice
Family Practice ----- Internal Medicine
Endocrinologists ----- Nephrologists