Friday, October 9, 2009

Promotions for Diabetic Focus...

This great promotion is not just one of the essentials when treating diabetics, but any patient!

Midmark Tables: The two I would focus on are the Barrier Free Tables and the Bariatric Table.

*Barrier Free Table Promo--Cash for Clunkers--trade in your old exam table and get $750 when you purchase a barrier free table. I can show you a video to show you how necessary this table is! (Ritter 222 and 223)
*Bariatric Power Treatment Table--850 lb weight capacity and a 32" wide seat. This table is about safety and comfort to the patient. (Ritter 244)

Check out pictures at the links below:

Barrier Free:

Welch Allyn brings some good deals to the table as well! The Connect 3 Promotion will be Spotlighted on Monday--so stay tuned...