Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A1C...Doing them?

Do you treat patients who are diabetic? If so, then you either already have a Seimen's DCA A1C Analyzer or should consider one.

If you have a DCA 2000, you should know that Seimens is replacing that one with their DCA Vantage. To do so, we just need to fill out some paperwork to get you upgraded. Ask me for the details.

If you are not currently using a DCA Vantage tests for A1Cs, then you may want to consider this CLIA waived analyzer. It is interfacable with EMRs, has an onboard printer and a color screen. Below is a link to see more about the DCA Vantage and all it can do for you. Ask me to do a ROI (return on your investment) to see if it is worth bringing in-house!,1023069,1023068~a_langId~e_-111~a_productId~e_181791~a_storeId~e_10001.htm