Monday, December 7, 2009

SPO2 Sensors--Check These Out!

Cardinal’s Co-Branded products offer some of the most durable single-patient-use SpO2 sensors on the market.

**These durable sensors will last longer

**They are well ventilated with minimal adhesive.

**The single-patient use sensors fits a wide range of patients

**Cost Effective--Co-Branded means less expensive for You!

Cardinal Cat# Description Pkg Description
M1196T-CA SENSOR CLIP REUSABLE SPO2 1ea/bx; 75 bx/cs
M1131A-CA SENSOR CLIP ADULT SPO2 20ea/bx; 16 bx/cs
M1132A-CA SENSOR WRAP INFANT SPO2 20ea/bx; 16 bx/cs
M1133A-CA SENSOR WRAP NEONATAL SPO2 20ea/bx; 16 bx/cs

Are these new sensors capable with your Pulse OX? Check out the next entry for FAQ's for the new Sensors.

Also, Ask me for Pricing and Samples!