Monday, September 14, 2009

FLU Season is HERE

Have you be seeing people who have flu-like symptoms? Well, if so, it will probably not be your last! Make sure you are stocked up on influenza tests, strep tests and all the necessary flu season items. Check below for reorder numbers on the Flu Season Must Haves!

1. Influenza Rapid Tests (CLIA Waived)
* QuickVue 25 tests/KT Material #B6948-6
* Binax 132 tests/promo Material #B416-022P (Promo Code)
2. Strep Rapid Tests (CLIA Waived) * Cardinal 30 tests/KT Material #B1077-27
* QuickVue 25 tests/KT Material #B1049-40
3. Masks
* Cardinal Material #AT7511
4. Sanitizers
* Cardinal 17 OZ Hand w/Aloe Material #CA43-12
5. Facial Tissue
* Cardinal 5.7 x 7 in Material #10310-025

These are just suggestive products. We do carry many other items in each category, so if you do not see what you want, please just ask!