Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Did You Know...

Sometimes we forget that Cardinal has a lot to offer. Ok, that sounded kind of salesy, but it really is true. We can not only provide you with your disposables, but we also have medical equipment and lab equipment. These two categories can help your practice in more ways than one. Let me share a few of those helpful ways:

1. Better Patient Care--with newer equipment, you will have the latest technology as well as provide a added value to your patients when you can do in-house lab for example!

2. Possible Tax Benefits--with new equipment, you may qualify for tax write-offs. I would suggest talking with your accountant for further details, but for example, adding new Barrier-Free Midmark Tables ( ), it is a win-win! Ask me how!!!

3. Efficiency--Wow, that is a word we all like to hear. How great is it when we can be more efficient. I usually can sleep better at night when I know I accomplished my full To Do list for the day! To do this, give me an opportunity to observe or talk thru your processes of daily duties, such as lab, pulling for cases, etc. I may be able to help find ways to Reduce Inventory and/or Reduce Costs.

Remember, I am here to help you out! I am not going to sell you something you DO NOT Need, but products you DO Need! Let's work together and grow your practice!