Thursday, April 30, 2009


As you may be aware, masks are very popular these days with the swine flu around. We are unfortunately out of the N95 Masks but do have many other masks to choose from that will be effective. Please see the list below. Also, please do not wait too long to get masks if you need them as our stock may not be the same next week. Stay Well!

The following Surgical and Procedure masks are currently available for order.
o AT71035 Standard Surgical, Blue
o AT71039 Standard Surgical, Blue (horizontal ties)
o AT51035 Standard Surgical, Secure-Bill
o AT74435 Fluid Resistant Standard
o AT74439 Fluid Resistant Standard (horizontal ties)
o AT54535 Fluid Resistant Secure-Bill
o AT75435 Laser Surgical Mask
o AT7509 Cone Mask
o AT7511 Procedure Mask, Blue
o AT7004 Procedure Mask, Yellow
o AT70021 Isolation Earloop, Yellow
o AT71021 Procedure Earloop, Yellow
o AT70061 Isolation Earloop, Yellow
o AT71061 Procedure Earloop, Blue