Thursday, January 22, 2009

What are you using for Splints?

Buy 6 Quick-Fit wrist products and get 1 FREE of any style!

Universal siz, ingle one-pull design and adjustable contoured stays, make them ideal for:
*Healing from wrist sprains, strains and Scaphoid injury
*Addressing deQuervain's Syndrome and Gamekeeper's thumb
*Post-surgical immobilization and Post fracture casting

Cardinal # Description
79-87460 Quick-fit wrist, right
79-87470 Quick-fit wrist, left
79-87480 Quick-fit W.T.O, Right
79-87490 Quick-fit W.T.O, Left
D79-87500 Quick-fit wrist & forearm, right
D79-87510 Quick-fit wrist & forearm, left

Promotion Ends June 30, 2009